Julia Monorchio, RMT Doula

I became a massage therapist after trying my hand at research and editing, textile design, copy writing and being a personal assistant. It took some time, but eventually I realized that what I enjoyed most in those roles was helping other people. Pursuing massage therapy as a career just felt like a natural progression.

When I was enrolled in Elmcrest College’s intensive massage therapy program I got to work with the athletes on the University of Toronto's varsity track and field team. This experience led me to focus on empowering people to play a proactive role in their own care, for maximum, long-term benefit. Coincidentally, this philosophy is particularly apt for women in the birthing year, who are in training for the marathon of birth.

After graduating with honours in 2007 I worked in a variety of clinic and spa settings in Toronto and Ottawa, and travelled as often as possible. My passion for pre- and post-natal massage flowered during my own pregnancy in 2009. To further build on an evidence-based approach to injury prevention and pain management, I pursued post-graduate training in massage therapy for pregnancy in 2010 and as a labour support provider (birth doula) in 2013. Most recently, I trained as a volunteer birth companion with Mothercraft Ottawa (2014) and I am currently in the process of becoming a certified childbirth educator.

Outside of my role as an RMT, doula, and childbirth educator-in-the-making, I enjoy life with my young son. I also have the good fortune of being able to put my history degree to good use once in a while by conducting specialized research in the Aboriginal rights and claims field.

To book a massage with me, click here. Please note: you don't have to be pregnant if you want to see me for a massage. In addition to my maternal clientele, I have always welcomed people at all stages of life to my practice. I have the utmost respect for and receptiveness to each person's distinct health needs, expressed in sensitively performed, individualized treatments.

If you have any questions I can also be reached via email at julia@nurturingnomad.ca.