Labour Support (Birth Doula) Services

judgment-free, professional care and pain-relief when you need it most

Being invited to attend a birth is a great honour.

As a trained labour support provider who is also a registered massage therapist (RMT), I bring a special skillset to your birthing process. Perhaps even more important, however, are my positive and open attitude, loving nature, sense of humour and ability to listen. Birth is unpredictable, but I am not. And I have a lot of experience putting people from all walks of life at ease in sensitive or intensely emotional situations.

My job is to combine my detailed understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the labouring woman with my enhanced knowledge of comfort measures to help you relax, stay confident and in touch with your body, and remain as comfortable as possible for the duration of your labour and for a short while following your delivery. Some women feel incredibly powerful during birth, whereas others may feel vulnerable. If you have a partner or companion who will be there for the birth, my presence will give that extra bit of support to allow him or her to participate even more fully. If not, I hope to help fill any gaps.

My goal is to care for the birthing mom (family) by fostering a safe and happy experience. Please contact me for a complimentary consultation.

NB: Many private insurance companies cover treatment from an RMT as part of their extended health care plans. As labour support falls within the recognized scope of practice for RMTs, some insurance providers may allow you to claim part of my fees. Please consult your policy.

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Fees include ...

  • a complimentary consultation to get a sense of how best we might work together
  • unlimited support by phone, text or email throughout your pregnancy
  • being on call for you from the 38th week of your pregnancy until you deliver
  • unlimited in-person support for the duration of your labour, and around two hours following
  • backup support in case of emergency, illness, simultaneous births or long labour
  • basic photography with your own camera

Basic Labour Support Package - $1168 (up to $913 in insurance receipts)

Includes all of the above, plus

  • two pre-birth visits to obtain your health history, get to know you and your hopes and dreams for your birth, and address your questions and concerns
  • one postpartum check in visit to get you off on the right foot with baby


Joint care option

If you would like to get to know your backup doula ahead of time by having her attend your prenatal visits, or if you don't have a birth partner or companion and would like extra support, you may want to consider a joint care package. Julia has partnered with select local doulas to be able to offer this service on a case-by-case basis, subject to availability. An additional fee applies.


À la carte prenatal visits - $102/hour

Maybe you're not sure you want a doula at your birth but feel your birth partner could benefit from some doula tips and tricks, or maybe you've hired me as your doula but feel like you need more than a couple of visits to get ready for birth. No problem! Stand-alone and additional visits can be booked independently from a labour support package.

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