Prenatal Massage ... safe and beneficial during pregnancy

registered massage therapy promotes optimal health for body, mind and spirit

  • reduces swelling in the hands, legs and feet
  • decreases muscle and ligament discomforts like leg cramps and pelvic pain
  • reduces low back and hip joint pain related to postural and functional changes
  • supports and prepares for the marathon of birth
  • nurtures a highly-developed sense of body awareness and comfort in one's own skin
  • lowers anxiety and insomnia



Dr. Jennifer Keller, ND, demonstrates how the BodyCushion system works in side-lying position. These are great techniques for trying in your pregnancy bed-nest at home.

All registered massage therapists (RMTs) receive instruction in the science behind the physiological condition of pregnancy, as well as basic information on positioning, draping and contraindications for massage. A mother and RMT with additional training and experience will have an even deeper understanding of the changes and challenges a woman typically experiences during this important time, and aims to provide treatments that are both effective and mindfully performed in a calming, nurturing, culturally sensitive environment. The safety of mom and baby is always the first and foremost consideration, whether with regards to ensuring stable, supported positioning or choosing the most effective techniques.

In addition to the physical benefits, prenatal massage promotes optimal health for the mind and spirit. Many women divulge fears or concerns regarding childbirth and motherhood during a typical session. A trained and experienced RMT has the skills, information and personal insights needed to help women lay the groundwork for a more comfortable birth experience.

Prenatal massage is beneficial in every trimester, though anyone having a high risk pregnancy should discuss her condition with her healthcare provider before seeking treatment.

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