Postpartum Massage
decrease depression * improve sleep * speed healing
Once the big day has passed, postpartum massage addresses the woman’s long term health. It can take up to two years for a woman’s body to return to its pre-pregnancy state, and the challenges of motherhood often place new strains on a woman's body and mind. From postpartum depression, to the aches and pains associated with nursing, to help getting a good night's rest ... massage therapy can help. Moms need love and nurturing too!
Postpartum massage benefits moms by:
  • Accelerating the healing process
  • Decreasing stress and symptoms of depression
  • Relieving muscle tension and pain without medication
  • Easing fatigue
  • Promoting optimal scar formation
New moms are welcome to bring and nurse babies of up to four months of age; be sure to bring a car seat or stroller for your baby to rest in, and consider arriving early to nurse prior to your treatment.