Based out of the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre, our focus is on helping people in Ottawa play a proactive role in their own perinatal care through therapeutic massage, full spectrum doula support, and childbirth preparation courses.

prenatal massage



Relax! You are in great hands ... massage therapy promotes better health and well-being by:

- reducing depression and anxiety, for better immune system function

- alleviating muscle tension and soreness and improving joint health and mobility

- creating greater mind-body awareness

birth doula, labour support


For happier, healthier moms and babies ... professional support during labour results in a more positive birth experience. Research shows continuous support can:

- increase the likelihood of a gentler birth

- reduce the use of pain and induction medications

- reduce the need for operative medical interventions

- improve overall satisfaction with the birth experience

prenatal education


Knowledge is power ... sign up for a birth preparation class with a focus on learning how to use yoga and various hands-on comfort measures techniques!

Is baby already here? Register for a fun and engaging infant massage workshop, offered monthly at the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre.

Julia has been a registered massage therapist since 2007. She started helping pregnant people through massage therapy during her own pregnancy, in 2009, and has been working as a labour support provider (birth doula) and teaching childbirth preparation classes focusing on comfort measures since 2014. Read more ...

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